The end of the last crazy prices behind the situation

After falling sharply in November, Nine Dragons Paper took the lead in launching tentative price increases on November 30. In just three days, all the established contracts were set aside and the prices continued to rise. As of December 12, the market price of corrugated paper 120g 4500-4600 yuan / ton, by the lowest bidding price of 3200 yuan / ton strong pull up, there 1000 yuan / ton spread.
Right now, the late season of paper was late, and the downstream two cardboard factory, three carton factory was caught in a sustained price orders. The main reason is that the end of the year the amount of waste paper imports, resulting in rising prices of waste paper. Price from 1750 yuan / ton to 2450 yuan / ton, the national rise. At the same time, the second-class factory inventory is still low, the basic maintained at 25 days, except to pick up 3-5 days the amount of use, inventory only 20 days dosage, much lower than the normal location 30 days.
Paper mills suffer from no raw materials, taking advantage of price hikes, open the end of the last crazy; two cardboard factory orders are full but delayed delivery, can only pass the cost of calm; three days a cardboard plant rose, three carton plant emergency "Crying", already in January orders imported in advance ...
How to survive in a rapidly changing complex market environment and whether or not we can survive at this time is still unknown.